Due to the negative financial impact of Covid-19, Tauranga Ssangyong have suspended all trading accounts for both business and private after sales customers until further notice. We now have both Genoa Pay and AfterPay on board for private customers, those who have used this, or similar payment apps will find it easy and provide an interest free option for your service repairs. To understand further please talk to Donna or Kelly when booking your vehicle for service or repair.  Their email details are Donna donna.grant@ssangyong.nz and Kelly kelly.blair@ssangyong.nz.


Retail non trade:

  1. Cash and Carry
  2. Payment on pick up options include on site internet banking, credit card, cash, Eft-Pos, Genoa Pay and AfterPay


  1. Cash and Carry, on site internet banking, credit card, or Eft-Pos
  2. Where a Trade customer belongs to Capricorn Co-operative and their account is current, this is the only accepted charge account.

Our standard terms of trade regarding existing overdue accounts remains at a 1.00% per month surcharge will be applied to any outstanding amount and all collection costs associated with the recovery of debt will be passed onto the customer for full settlement



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